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Tiramisu Sunrider

Submitted by: Birgitt Kranl, Independent Business Owner, Germany

Ingredients (for seven small glasses):
33 oz. Calli® Regular
33 oz. warm water mixed with two packs of Fortune Delight® Raspberry
1 pack ladyfingers
1 cup mascarpone
Cream (optional)
1 pack VitaShake® Cocoa

• Mix mascarpone with cream (optional) and sweeten to taste with choice of sweetener (optional).
• Prepare ladyfingers by alternately dunking them into Calli® and Fortune Delight®.
• Serve in seven glasses, layering alternately with mascarpone and soaked ladyfingers, ending with a layer of mascarpone.
• Cool for 2–4 hours.
• Sprinkle with VitaShake® shortly before serving.

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