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Oi-Lin® Liquid Soap

In some respects, the prevention of cold and flu lies in your own hands. That’s because washing your hands regularly, particularly during the cold and flu season, is among the best ways to avoid getting sick. Oi-Lin® Liquid Soap is perfect for daily household use; it harmonizes with the skin’s natural pH and moisturizes while it cleanses, so your skin won’t be left dry or chapped, just clean, soft, and refreshed.

Alpha 20C®

100 Capsules/Bottle

This time of the year can be especially hard on the body. Chilly weather and seasonal cold and flu viruses can tax the immune system. Don’t worry though; Alpha 20C® is here to help! Based on cutting-edge technology and 3,000 years of herbal study, its proprietary formula is expertly formulated with fortifying herbs and naturally occurring antioxidants to support the immune system. Take it regularly, especially when you’re traveling or feeling run down.

Citric C™ Tab

90/1400 mg Tabs

Chewable and naturally delicious, Citric C™ Tabs provide a convenient and tasty way to get your daily vitamin C. Our tabs are made with a proprietary blend of herbal concentrates, including green tea extract and rose hips, which are rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids. And our all-natural formulation makes it easier for your body to recognize and absorb the nutrients. Kids love the natural orange flavor, so it’s the perfect supplement for the entire family.


Flavors: Regular, Mint, Cinnamon, and Night

Made with all-natural herbal extracts, Calli® provides antioxidant protection with polyphenols, bioflavonoids, and tea catechins. Drinking this herbal beverage also enhances the body’s natural processes of cleansing and elimination. With zero fat, artificial sweeteners, or added caffeine, Calli® can be enjoyed anytime for healthy, delicious refreshment.



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