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Kandesn® and Oi-Lin® skin care products cleanse, balance, and nourish the skin for a radiant, healthy glow. We use only the finest herbal extracts and vegetable-based ingredients available. When you try our Kandesn® and Oi-Lin Skin® Care Trial Sets, you will immediately notice a visible difference. We also offer a wide range of special skin care treatments, personal care, spa, and hair care products so you look and feel beautiful from head to toe!


Like our Kandesn® and Oi-Lin® Skin Care, our Kandesn® Color Cosmetics are formulated with the finest ingredients such as jojoba oil and squalane. Kandesn® Color Cosmetics work in harmony with all skin types, skin tones, and ethnicities. The colors enhance your natural beauty so you look yourself, only better!


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